Literacy and Policing

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) received a grant in March 2007 from the National Office of Literacy and Learning, Human Resources and Social Development Canada, for an 18-month project Literacy and Policing in Canada.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Villeneuve / Photo gracieuseté de Maggie Villeneuve

For the past year, the CACP has been working work with literacy organizations, governments, community groups and police agencies in Canada to increase police officer awareness of literacy challenges faced by members of the community. The Chiefs will develop a resource manual for police that will form part of an education and training package in print and on-line format.

This project is an initiative of the Crime Prevention Committee, and builds upon the work of the Coalition on Community Safety, Health and Well-being, led by CACP. The Coalition includes national associations that promote literacy, education, and support to Aboriginal Canadians, immigrants and refugees, and those re-entering society after serving time in correctional institutions.

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