Literacy Fact Sheets

Community Resources

Referral resources in the community

National Literacy Organizations: Literacy Websites

National Adult Literacy Database
NALD lists will always be the most up-to-date.

Provincial Literacy Organizations

National Adult Literacy Database

Literacy and What You Can Do

Literacy BC

Literacy and You: Toolkit

Successful Communication, Communications Canada

Understanding Literacy and Crime Prevention

Taking Down The Wall Of Words: A Handbook for Community Agencies, Part 2 (Organizational Audit)
John Howard Society

Literacy Behind Bars: Results From the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy Prison Survey
Institute of Education Sciences, US Education Department
An Introduction to Risk Factors and Protective Factors

Literacy: An Essential Ingredient Of Offender Post Release Success
Correctional Services Canada

Helping America’s Youth

Literacy and the Justice system

Literacy and Justice

Literacy BC

Literacy in the Courtroom

National Judicial Institute

Literacy and Access to the Canadian Justice System Casebook

National Judicial Institute

Statement of Principles on Self-represented Litigants and Accused Persons
The Canadian Judicial Council

Literacy and the Courts: Protecting the Right to Understand

John Howard Society

Understanding Literacy: A Judicial Imperative

John Howard Society

Justice Literacy: Assessment And Awareness Project (Tool and Workshop)
John Howard Society of Saskatchewan

Lawyers for Literacy

Canadian Bar Association

Literacy and Access to Administrative Justice in Canada:
A Guide for the Promotion of Plain Language
Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals

Duty to Accommodate

Duty to Accommodate Fact sheet

Canadian Human Rights Commission

Frequently Asked Questions

Duty to Accommodate
Canadian Human Rights Commission

Policy and Guidelines on Disability and the Duty to Accommodate,
Ontario Human Rights Commission, (Toronto: OHRC, 2000)

Human Resources and Social Development Canada, Advancing the Inclusion of People with Disabilities (2006) (Ottawa: Social Development Canada, 2006), citing Delcey, Michel. “Déficiences motrices et situation de handicaps” – ed. AFP-2002

Current Canadian Human Rights Laws

Duty to Accommodate
Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Chapter 3: Human Rights Legislation That Prohibits Discrimination
Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

List by Province

National Judicial Institute

ARCH Disability Law Centre,


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