Literacy Facts

Photo courtesy of Maggie Villeneuve / Photo gracieusetÚ de Maggie Villeneuve

Click below to discover Literacy facts. You can view each fact sheet separately, in your browser or click the PDF icon to view or print a formatted fact sheet.

You can also view or print the complete set of fact sheets in PDF format here.


Fact Sheets

Listen to our interview with Dorothy Ahlgren-Franklin on CBC Radio Maritime Noon
(8:55 minute audio)

Listen to our interview with Dorothy Ahlgren-Franklin on CKCU FM 93.1 Wednesday Special Blend
(9:00 minute audio)

Measuring Literacy in Canada PDF
Who has low literacy in Canada PDF
How low literacy affects people PDF
Low Literacy and Justice System PDF
Link between Literacy and Crime PDF
Impact on police depts PDF
Police Obligations PDF
Department Obligations PDF
Recognizing Low Literacy PDF
Literacy Audit PDF
Working with Accused PDF
Community Resources PDF

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